13 tips to help you lose weight fast

Are you thinking how to lose weight fast ? then don’t worry here is best 13 tips for you to help you lose weight fast.

nothing much but, you have to add some habits on your daily lifestyle and you are on way to get healthy life.

A steady weight loss of 1.5 to 2 pounds per week is recommended for the most effective long-term weight management.

here are some tips for you how to lose weight fast at home without skipping any meals.

so, let’s get started.

13 Tips how you lose weight fast

Tips how you lose weight fast

1. Don’t Skip breakfast

If you thinking to lose weight than do not skip your breakfast. skipping breakfast will not help you on lose weight. you have to get more energy and nutrition for whole day.

Protein can regulate appetite hormones to help people feel full. eat oats, eggs, nuts in your breakfast.

so always eat healthy and nutritional breakfast. It will help you to feel full when you want to eat something.

2. Don’t skip meals

Eating regular meals it helps burn extra calories fast. eating regular meals also control you to eat extra snacks, fast foods and sugar.

one thing you do is eat whole nutritional meal like, roti, sabji, dal, rice, salad, curd.

3. Cutting sugar

sugar is one of the most effective ingredient to increase obesity. The Western diet is increasingly high in added sugar. the sugar occurs in beverages Trusted Source rather than food.

sugar has a more calorie and it damage our inside organs. so skip sugar on your diet.

4. Eat more vegetables and fruits

vegetables and fruits have are easy to digest because they have low carbs and calories. vegetables and fruits are high source of fiber which is help you to lose weight. They also have plenty of vitamins and minerals.

5. Drink plenty of Water

water is one of the most effective factor to lose weight fast. Because water increase our metabolism. people always eat some extra calorie food when they feel hungry rather than drink glass of water.

so do not eat extra calorie you need to drink water when you feel hungry. you need to drink 3-4 liters water in whole day.

6. Skip eating fast food

To avoid temptation – skip eating fast food like Chinese, pizza, burger, chocolates, cold drinks, biscuits etc. Because they have more calories and they are not easy to digest. so they cause of obesity.

you have to eat healthy food like homemade food and snacks.

7. Use small plate to eat

Using smaller plate helps you to eat smaller portion. small plate and bowl feel like plate is full of meal and snacks. so you eat less portion. eat very small portion and chew long time. because it take more than 15 minutes to our brain get signal from our stomach when it’s full.

so if you want to lose weight fast than eat more than 15 minuets and smaller portion until you feel full.

8. Cutting of alcohol

A glass of alcohol and wine is much calories like a piece of chocolate. so drinking too much alcohol is easily cause of gain weight. alcohol is also bad for our health. so skip consume alcohol when you want to lose weight.

9. Tracking your diet

If you are serious and think how to lose weight? so you should be aware about what you eat and drink in whole day.

this is more effective way to lose weight fast because you have to notice how much calories you intake while eating breakfast and meals. some food tracker and calories counter apps helps you to count your calories.

consistent tracking of diet and physical activity will help you weight loss.

10. Do exercise regularly

Doing exercise is help you to lose weight and keeping more active and healthy. exercise can burn your calories fast. you can not lose weight through only diet. you have to need burn more calories than you intake calories.

If you intake 1000 calories than you have to burn 1500 calories. The difference between is 500 calories. which is extra calories that burn. It help you weight loss.

11. Eat high fiber foods

Foods containing high fiber will help you full longtime. its increase your metabolism. which is very good for loosing weight fast.

fiber rich foods are:

  • whole grain cereals, whole-grain bread, whole-wheat pasta, oats etc.
  • vegetables
  • fruits
  • dry nuts and peanuts
  • pulses and beans

12. Do not ban foods

Don’t ban your favorite foods to eat from your weight loss plan. banning your favorite food will make you crave to eat more. you can eat sometimes when you go outside, party or vacation when your daily calories allow to take this and balance your diet calories.

13. Always plan your meal

Always try to plan your meals like : breakfasts, lunch, dinner and snacks in advance. It will help you to allow to take some calories.

so, these are best 13 tips which will help you how to lose weight fast. I sure this small habits gives you healthy and happy life. so, change your habits and be healthy for life time.

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