List of Best Maternity Clothes to Wear During Pregnancy

When you get pregnant, then so many questions are pop up in your mind And one of the common question is What are the Best Maternity clothes to wear when pregnant?

Because once your baby bump grows day by day, you may find yourself is enable to fit in your current wardrobe collection. But there is no need to buy whole wardrobe collection new.

In this article I will share with you some tips which are helps you feel and look comfortable in your budget.

What are the Best Maternity clothes to wear when pregnant?

How many weeks pregnant should you wear maternity clothes?

In starting months of pregnancy (1st trimester), you can wear normal cloths which you like and feel comfortable. But you might be wear loose bra or inner during this time.

Once you enter in 2nd trimester like 4 or 5 months of pregnancy you have to wear big size or larger size cloths because your baby bump starting bigger than before.

Most of the womens start to wear maternity cloths around 6 months of her pregnancy.

Is maternity dress different from normal?

Yes, it is definitely. maternity clothes are made with stretchy or cotton fabric and give extra details to keep you comfortable and flatter your baby bump. It is also comfortable till you deliver baby and when you are breastfeeding.

Nowadays In market you will get beautiful and fashionable maternity clothes (pregnancy clothes). which will help you to look and feel comfortable until your delivery.

What you need in maternity clothes?

Look, In market so much fashionable cloths and items are available. But you don’t need to buy everything because after delivery you will not wear like that dresses. so always invest some valuable items which are mention here,

1. Maternity Bra

2. Cotton underwear

3. 2 Gown or maxi dress according to weather (with zipper)

4. 1 jacket

5. 2 pair of trouser or jeggings (which your choice)

6. 2 larger size side cut t shirts (long)

7. 2 pair of socks

8. 1 smart outfit

9. 1 jacket

10. 1 pair of flat, soft and comfortable shoes of slipper

Now the question is,

Know when you need to buy Maternity Clothes?

Every woman experiences their pregnancy differently. But here I consider some common things which if any women can feel then she needs to switch thier clothes.

  • Your bra feels tight or uncomfort
  • Your Pants feels tight
  • Your pants don’t button
  • Your baby bump peek out on your t shirts
  • You not comfortable in breathing
  • You bloating all the time


Which are the Key Factors to Consider When Buying Maternity Clothes?

When you shop for maternity clothes then always remember these key factors.

  • Fabric
  • size
  • seasons
  • overall comfort
  • nursing friendly clothes
  • your favorite style

Where to buy maternity clothes?

There is many stores India, USA and other countries which are keeping different types of maternity bras or clothes. Online Shopping is another best way to buy pregnancy clothes and also save money.

Which maternity bra are good?

Look, During pregnancy you don’t have to wear any bras or inner, but some women’s breasts are bigger and larger then she needs to wear for support.

During Pregnancy women’s breasts are prepare for lactation (producing breast milk) in 1st 4 months.

If you want to wear bra during pregnancy and during breastfeeding then you don’t have to wear wired bra because during pregnancy and during breastfeeding your breast change their shape and size. Underwire bras this time give pressure on breasts vessels and this can lead to an increased risk of a blocked milk ducts.

So always wear larger and comfortable bra.

Some tips for save money

Here I share with you some valuable tips for your pregnancy or maternity clothes which are really helpful for you to until your delivery.

  • Always buy large, cheap, stretchable t-shirts and vest tops.
  • Buy maternity clothes during sales or wholesale market.
  • Buy basic outfits, bags, shoes and jewellery.
  • Adapt your existing clothes by moving buttons.
  • Replacing elastic with a drawstring of your current clothes.
  • Borrow clothes from friends or relative who have been pregnant.

So, this is the basic thing you need to knowing about maternity clothes.

I hope you are getting useful information about your pregnancy journey.

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