How to use V Wash : Complete Guide


Do you use V Wash? Do you clean your private part (vagina) like your body with V Wash? Do you want to know How to use V Wash or how to use v wash plus?

If yes then you have chosen a very good option and otherwise, through this article today you will know about what is v wash and when and how to use v wash and you will take good care of genitals.

In this article we will know what is v wash, how to use v wash? benefits of v wash, dis advantages of v wash (v wash side effects), v wash use in pregnancy, what is the cost of v wash etc.

how to use v wash

Whenever you use any product on your skin, first of all we need to have the right information about that thing and when it comes to cleaning your genitals, then for that we should know very well because our genitals are our body. It Is the most sensitive part of our body.


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you have to know first,

what is v wash ?

V Wash is a product designed to clean the genitals of women, thereby balancing the pH level of the intimate area (vagina) of the woman. Which is made from a mixture of tea tree oil and sea buckthorn oil and is a hygiene and safe product. It occurs in liquid foam.

Important Ingredients of V Wash

1. Lactic acid

2. Tea tree Oil

3. Sea Buckthom Oil

How to use v wash step by step

It is very easy to use v wash, it is liquid, therefore,

  • First of all take out a few drops from the bottle in your palm.
  • Then add some water to it and rub your hands. Apply it outside around your vulva and massage it with light hands for some time.
  • Then wash it well with water.
  • You can also use V Wash wipes to wipe or wipe with any soft cloth.
  • You can do this even while taking a short morning and evening bath.

Just you have to take care of one special thing that V Wash liquid does not go into the inner part of your vagina.

why use v wash?

There is a layer in the vulva of any girl or woman which is acidic and it protects the female genitals from infection, itching, burning. If you wash your vagina with soap while bathing, then that layer gets broken due to the high pH level of the soap.

Therefore, V Wash should be used to keep the pH level around the vulva balanced. The ideal pH level of any woman’s vagina should be 3.8 – 4.5 which is maintained by the use of V wash and it promotes the growth of lactobacilli and prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and infections.

V Wash benefitsBenefits of v wash

This question must be there in your mind that when I have soap or body wash then why should I use v wash right Is v wash safe?

Women think that it is right to clean the genitals as well as cleaning the rest of the parts, but this is wrong. but why ? So let us know from the reasons given below.

Better Intimate Hygiene

Not keeping the genitals clean will not only affect your physical but mental and emotional health as well. This can lead to abnormal vaginal discharge, burning, dryness, unnatural smell, vaginal infection. If you ignore the signs of poor genital hygiene, it could be something serious, such as cervical or ovarian cancer.

Cleansing the vagina with an intimate wash reduces the chances of itching or dryness in your vaginal area. It can also have a positive effect on your reproductive health.

Maintains the pH Level

Women do not find it very important to maintain pH, but it is very important.

V Wash balances the pH of the vagina area. The ideal pH level of a woman’s vagina should be between 3.8 – 4.5. The pH level of soap is 8-10. That’s why women have problems like itching, burning, irritation, infection, smell around their vulva, which can be overcome by using V wash.

Other than this,

It is a safe product for cleaning the genitals of women, with this you feel fragrant and fresh throughout the day.

  1. It is very important to keep hygiene in menstruation, in such a situation.
  2. V Wash also maintains hygiene with fragrance.
  3. Reduces white discharge during pregnancy and prevents infection.
  4. It also removes dryness in the vagina of women.

v wash side effects

V wash is only used to clean the outer part of the vulva.

By the way, no harm of V wash has come to the fore, but every woman’s skin is different, if someone’s skin is sensitive and they have any problem with the use of V wash, then they can show it to the doctors.

v wash use in pregnancy

If you also have this question in your mind that what can we use v wash during pregnancy? then yes you can use v wash during pregnancy. With this, you will get relief from itching, irritation due to the discharge happening in your vagina. Before using V Wash once, please consult your doctor.

v wash price in India

Generally, there are many types of intimate washes available in the market, but here we will know the v wash price.

  • V Wash Plus Expert Intimate Hygiene, With Tea Tree Oil, – 100 ML – 180/-
  • V Wash Plus Expert Intimate Hygiene, With Tea Tree Oil, – 200 ML – 299/-

How to make V wash at home

You can also make V Wash at home (V Wash at Home).

  • Washing the vagina by mixing 5-6 drops of tea tree oil in a cup of water cleans the vagina.
  • You can clean the vagina by mixing a drop of chamomile oil in a cup of water.
  • Yogurt (yogurt) has probiotic properties, it maintains vaginal hygiene.
  • Apply curd on the vagina and wash it after an hour, so that there is no smell in the vagina.

v wash use age limit

Above 12 years girls can use V wash for their intimate hygiene.

How to use v wash wipes

Open a pack of V Wash plus intimate hygiene Wipes and wipe the external area of your intimate part (vagina) with it. You don’t need to wash or rinse. you can use this v wash wipes during pregnancy. It is safe for pregnancy.

FAQ about V Wash

1. Who can use V wash?

Generally, V wash is is recommended for all age group women. It is very important and healthy for women’s intimate parts.

When should V Wash be used?

You can use it everyday.

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so I hope you enjoy and like this full guide about How to use V wash and V wash benefits.

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