Doing pregnancy test at home – know how to use pregnancy test kit

Are you trying to get pregnant? So it is very important for you to know what is a pregnancy test kit and what is the right way to use a pregnancy test kit and after how many days after a missed period should a pregnancy test be done or when should a pregnancy test be done?

If you are trying to conceive and you have missed your period, then the best option for you is to do your pregnancy test. For this, you will get many pregnancy test kits from the market.

But for this you must first know what is a pregnancy test kit and what is the right way to use this kit. Because sometimes doing pregnancy test at the wrong time and in the wrong way also gives wrong results which can disappoint you.

Many women keep asking each other to tell about the pregnancy test, so let’s first know that,

how to use pregnancy test kit at home

What is pregnancy test kit?

A pregnancy kit is a means of conforming a kind of pregnancy. With the help of which you can find out your pregnancy without the doctor sitting at home.

In this kit you have to put few drops of your urine on the chip and it tests your HCG hormones. With which you can find out pregnancy at home.

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How to use pregnancy test kit

Before doing the test at home, you should know about when to do pregnancy test at home i.e. when pregnancy occurs after ovulation and after 1 week of missed period. A hormone called HCG is found in it. Which is found in urine only after pregnancy is conceived and this HCG hormone level detect your are conceived or not.

So, to get the correct result, you must first do the test at the right time.

Pregnancy test is very easy. But for this you have to take care of some things.

You are also given information in the test kit bought in the market and you can follow the information given here respectively. Keep in mind that the pregnancy test kit you have bought has not expired, that is, it should not be an expired date, otherwise you may get the wrong result.

1. If you are following the instructions given in the kit, then you should use your middle stream urine sample in that. That is, before collecting the urine (urine), let some urine pass in the front and collect the urine in the middle. If possible, check with morning urine only.

2. If your kit has been told to pour urine directly, then make sure that for how long you have to urine directly in it and also check which side the strip is facing.

3. Apart from this, with the help of a dropper, put drops of urine in the quantity mentioned in the kit. In some brand’s pregnancy test kit, the strip has to be immersed in the urine, so make sure that which part is to be kept in the urine.

4. After processing all this, it stopped for some time. In most of the kits, the result comes in 5-10 minutes. But it will be better that you wait till the time given in the kit you are using.

5. Now see the result after some time. If you do not understand the result, then you should read the instructions given in your kit, because in each kit, the results are told in different ways. That is, in some kit there are plus and minus “( + and – ) signs, in some kit the lines (lines) change their color, and in some it is written that you are “pregnant” or “not pregnant”.

After doing this process, you can get different results of pregnancy test. You need to know what the pregnancy test kit result is and what it means.

So let’s know

Pregnancy test kit results

If you have done the test immediately after missing the period, then it is possible that you will get 99% correct results, but many times you can get wrong results immediately after missing the period.

1 line in pregnancy test

The meaning of light line in pregnancy test means that if 1 line comes in your pregnancy test, whether it is dark pink or light pink, it means that your pregnancy test result is negative.

1 dark pink line and १ light pink line on pregnancy test

If one line is dark and one line is light in your test, it means that your pregnancy test result is positive. Because the light or dark color of the line is based on the amount of HCG hormone.

If the amount of HCG hormone is high in your urine then the color comes dark and if the amount of HCG hormone is less then the color light comes. HCG is found in your urine only if you have become pregnant, that’s why even a light line tells your pregnancy to be positive.

Pregnancy test positive faint line

Pregnancy test positive faint line means if you do your pregnancy test immediately after missing your period or even before missing your period then you are more likely to get positive faint line.

Because at that time the amount of HCG hormone in urine does not change due to which the correct result of pregnancy test is not available. As the time of pregnancy increases, the amount of HCG hormone increases and the dark pink line appears.

Pregnancy test positive means

In the pregnancy test kit, a line is given before the test and after the test, if the second line is as dark as the color given earlier or is visible in the stipulated time, then you should be happy because your pregnancy test is positive. It is believed.

Pregnancy test negative means

In the negative result, only the line given before the test is visible, and if no line is visible after the test, then its result is considered negative. Even if a light colored line is visible after the specified time, it is considered as a negative result. Because the results after the time limit given in the pregnancy test kit are not considered valid.

If your pregnancy result is negative and still your periods have not started, then you should do a pregnancy test again after a few days.

It is possible that you have done pregnancy test early, then you do not remember the exact date of your period. So test again after a few days. Or get the blood test done by the doctor.

Pregnancy test kit price in India

  • Prega News test kit – rs. 55/-
  • I-Can test kit – rs. 55/-
  • velocit pregnancy test kit – rs. 48/-
  • pregline pregnancy test kit – rs. 62/-
  • Dr. morepen pregnancy test kit – rs. 68/-
  • Clearblue pregnancy test kit – rs. 86/-

So, this was the information about what is pregnancy test kit, what is the right way to use this kit and complete information about what this test kit results tell. Hope you find this information helpful.

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