Look, pregnancy symptoms or symptoms of pregnancy are not same for every women. some women can feel some changes in their body before missing her periods and some women can’t feel changes in her body before periods.

If you are thinking are you pregnant? So, their is one perfect way to know about conceiving which is pregnancy test.

But now question is,

How early do symptoms of pregnancy start?

Generally, most of the women can see (feel) Early Pregnancy Symptoms in before a week or 5 days of period comes.

Early signs of pregnancy

How early do symptoms of pregnancy start

If you have a regular monthly menstrual cycle, the earliest and most reliable sign of pregnancy is a missed period.

If you conceiving pregnancy then you may have lighter bleed like your period in first few weeks. And this is called implantation bleeding.


What are the top 5 signs of pregnancy?

If you want to know 13 early signs of pregnancy then you can check here. but in this article we discuss top 5 signs of pregnancy which is most common signs which is seen in womens before missing periods.

1. Missed or lighter period

If you have a regular period cycle then this is the most reliable sign of pregnancy if you Missed or lighter period.

If you’re conceiving and a week or more has passed without the start of an expected menstrual cycle it might be you are pregnant.

2. Sore breasts in early pregnancy

If you conceiving you feel your breasts may become larger and feel tender. Its like similar when you missed your period.

And also change in nipples , the veins may be more visible, and the nipples may darken and stand out.

3. Peeing more or Increased urination

women may feel peeing more during day and night than as usual. Because the amount of blood in your body and uterus increases during pregnancy, causing your kidneys to process extra fluid that ends up in your bladder.

4. Nausea

When women conceive pregnancy then she feel Morning sickness, nausea and vomiting. it is very early sign of pregnancy and its stop after few weeks or months .

5. smells and cravings

During or before pregnancy your taste and smells are may be change. you don’t like some food and smells before you love. you may hate this during or before pregnancy.

You may crave new foods which you don’t like before.

You are more sensitive to certain smells like the smell of food or cooking.

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Other Symptoms of Pregnancy

Many women may feel this symptoms also.

  • backache
  • headaches
  • leg crumps
  • indigestion or gastro
  • white discharge
  • leg swelling
  • itchy skin
  • heartburn
  • constipation
  • diarrhea
  • unexpected mood swings
  • breathlessness

How to confirm pregnancy ?

For pregnancy conformation, first women can home pregnancy test with pregnancy test kit. another way is sonography or blood test.

Women can check and confirm her pregnancy before missing her periods using pregnancy test kit through urine. This kit detect HCG hormone level present in urine.

Blood tests for pregnancy can be done by gynecologist. These tests can find a small amounts of HCG hormone, so they can accurately show whether you’re pregnant or not before you’ve missed your period.

What about home pregnancy tests?

If you are doing pregnancy test at home and you get positive test result then is is accurate if you followed all the instructions they given.

But if you get negative test result and you confident that you are pregnant, then wait for a week and take test again and confirm your pregnancy.

So these are the top 5 sings of pregnancy (symptoms of pregnancy) which is commonly in seen women.

I hope you get good information about your doubt and question.

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