How To Keep Heart Healthy – 10 ways to keep your heart healthy

A long time heart disease leading cause of death. Heart disease leading cause death in both man and women in all over world. If you want to keep your heart healthy and you find the ways how to keep heart healthy then you are in right place. In this article I suggest you How To Keep Heart Healthy10 ways to keep your heart healthy.

You need to change some habits in your lifestyle. You can’t change some factors which you got by birth or family genetics but you can change some rules to keep your heart healthy and get lower risk of heart diseases.

How To Keep Heart Healthy - 10 ways to keep your heart healthy

How to keep heart healthy – 10 ways to keep your heart healthy

1. Eat a healthy diet

Eat healthy protect your heart and body. Healthy diet improve blood pressure, cholesterol, and make lower risk of type 2 diabetes. Healthy eating also keep women’s hormonal health good.

So, you can eat,

  • Green Laffey Vegetables,
  • Fruits, Avocado, Orange
  • Beans,
  • Milets,
  • Legumes,
  • Meat,
  • Fish,
  • Low fat dairy products,
  • Healthy oils (olive oil),
  • Whole grains

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2. Stay Active

If you want to keep your heart healthy so, you have to be active all day. you need to add some exercise, jogging, walking, cycling, swimming, cardio or aerobics in your routine. you can do any physical activity from them.

When you active physically your whole body become healthy. Blood flow become also normal and it gives your heart good blood pumping. so, your heart diseases and heart attack chances are very low.

3. Control on your food portion size

If you want to be healthy and keep your heart healthy then you have to eat in small portion size. Big plate or Big bowl of foods gives you more calories. so always eat in small plate and small bowl which make feel you gives more and low calories.

If you eat more calories more then your body needs. your body store this calories as extra fat in your body and it very dangers for your health. so always keep in small portion size .


  • You need to eat in small plate or bowl
  • Always eat low calorie and nutritional rich food
  • Eat seasonal vegetables and fruits
  • Eat very little fast foods and junk foods

4. Eat More vegetable and fruits

Fruits and vegetables are very good source of vitamins, nutrition and minerals. It has also antioxidant properties. fruits and vegetables are fiber rich foods. so, it gives you healthy gut and digestion. fruits and vegetables are rich in dietary fiber. so, Vegetables and fruits keeps your heart healthy and active.

Tips for eat fruits and vegetables –

  • Always wash fruits and vegetables with clean water for remove extra chemicals.
  • Cut vegetables and keep in refrigerator for quick use.
  • Put bowl of cut fruits on kitchen platform who remind you need to eat it.
  • Mostly choose a recipes who made from vegetables and fruits as main ingredient.
  • Make vegetables salad and fruit smoothie for best raw eating.

5. Stop Smoking and alcohol

Smoking and alcohol damage your lungs and heart. It is very dangerous for human health. If you want to be healthy so you need to quite smoking and stop consuming alcohol. always drink alcohol in moderation.

6. Manage Stress

Stress is biggest enemy of human being. If any one take stress their whole body system and hormones will disturb. So if you want to be healthy and keep your heart healthy then you need to manage your stress and feel happy inner side.

Tips for Manage stress –

  • Do mediation for at least 15 to 20 minutes everyday.
  • Walking barefoot in grass.
  • Do some yoga poses for managing stress and boost blood flow to your brain.
  • Read books who you like to read.

7. Eat Low fat Protein food

Low fat dairy products, lean meat, poultry and fish are main source of protein. But choose lower fat options. use skimmed milk rather then whole milk and choose breast chicken rather then fried chicken. Fish is also good alternative of high fat protein.

Certain types of fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which can lower blood fats called triglycerides. Legumes, beans, peas and lentils are also are good and low fat sources of protein and contain no cholesterol, making them good substitutes for meat.

8. Reduce Sugar In your diet

Sugar gives you more calories and excessive amount of sugar intake is very dangerous for human. so much sugar cause diabetes and heart stroke. so reduce sugar in your diet and stay healthy and keep your heart healthy.

9. Reduce Salt Intake

Eating too much salt in your diet cause high blood pressure and it cause heart diseases. limited sodium intake is healthy part of healthy diet.

The American Heart Association recommends that : A adult can consume a teaspoon of salt (2500mg) in whole day.

Very adults can consume not more then 1500mg salt in whole day.

Reducing amount of salt (sodium) can also control blood pressure and many more diseases.

You can switched your salt into pink salt or black salt. which is very good for health and not very harmful for humans.

10. Manage Healthy weight

Healthy weight is good sign for healthy body. Overweight can cause many diseases in body and disturb our body function and damage organs. If you want to keep your heart healthy then you need to manage your weight as healthy weight.

Healthy weight means ideal weight as per BMI. Overweight and underweight both are very harmful for humans. So always maintain your weight and stay healthy.

Sometimes overweight cause high blood pressure, diabetes, hormonal imbalance in specially womens, PCOD, thyroid, fibroids, heart attack etc.

So always stay active and keep your heart healthy.

How to keep heart healthy and strong naturally

You can follow Above 10 ways to keep your heart healthy and strong naturally.

You can also remember this :

  • Stay hydrated always
  • Stay active whole day
  • Do not eat fried or oily food
  • Do not eat refind sugar
  • Do exercise everyday
  • Do yoga and prananayam
  • Make your diet plan
  • Eat nutritional foods always
  • Don’t drink alcohol or drink
  • Don’t drink softcoldrinks
  • Limit sugar and salt intake

Conclusion : In above you got 10 ways to keep your heart healthy and strong naturally. I hope you get best tips and ways to keep your heart healthy and it will help you to stay happy and healthy heart.

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